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Tube Bending

This Tube Bending program explores the various materials and methods used for bending and end forming tubes.

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This Hydroforming program examines the basic materials, tools, and techniques of tubular hydroforming and sheet metal hydroforming.

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A Lean Supply Chain at John Deere

This program, A Lean Supply Chain at John Deere, is about the successful partnership between John Deere and one of its suppliers, the R&B Machining and Grinding Company. Find out what changes were required to lean their supply chain and how they successfully handled the changes to move from batch to lean production. See how they developed shorter cycle times needed for build-to-demand and how they are able to achieve higher quality, lower costs and better delivery performance.

Product Type: Streaming Video

The Cost of Poor Quality

This Cost of Poor Quality program looks at what the failure to achieve a high standard of quality may cost your organization and shows you ways to illuminate the costs of quality so you can see where to start saving. You'll learn effective ways to analyze the cost of quality data and the pitfalls to avoid, methods of eliminating the effects of poor quality, and a strategy for meeting total customer satisfaction. Case studies at the Merix Corp., IBM, and the Copeland Corp. show you successful strategies for reducing poor quality costs. This program is a must view for management, quality supervisors, and production managers looking to improve their company's competitiveness.

Product Type: Streaming Video

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

This program was produced in cooperation with Robert Bosch Corporation in Farmington Hills, Michigan ,and is an introduction to the quality methodology Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA). As every new product is being designed, most manufacturing companies are developing FMEA documents to reduce the risk of product failures. In addition, quality standards like ISO9000 and QS9000 require an FMEA on all new products. To shorten development cycles, many different experts are involved in the design and testing phases of new products. This program was designed to quickly bring all team members up to speed on how the FMEA methods and procedures will impact them. It provides a general understanding of why companies do FMEAs, the difference between a product and a process risk, how FMEA documents track responsibilities to reduce risks, and what companies can do to minimize risks. After viewing this program, every person on your design team will have a good understanding of the importance of risk reduction and how the FMEA will keep track of these responsibilities.

Product Type: Streaming Video

Deburring Processes

Deburring processes are used to finish sharp, undesirable part edges that are produced during cutting and stamping operations. This program includes information on an array of deburring processes including cutting processes, power brushing, bonded abrasive finishing, mass finishing, abrasive blasting, abrasive-flow deburring, thermal deburring, and electro-chemical deburring.

Product Type: Streaming Video

Sheet Metal Coil Processing

Sheet Metal Coil Processing introduces the primary methods of processing sheet metal coils and featurs segments on coil slitting, coil blanking, and coil processing lines.

Product Type: Streaming Video

Re-Engineering the Manufacturing Enterprise

Cross-functional teams replace top-down management, core business processes replace departmental functions, employees are empowered to effect changes, flexibility and rapid response become paramount, and most importantly - the customer becomes a full-fledged partner in your organization. Through case studies with Black & Decker, Aeroquip Corp., and Himont Corp., you'll understand how customer-driven production challenges are met through re-engineering the manufacturing enterprise. Plus, you'll learn critical success factors and performance measures-and how to think more creatively about your competitive position.

Product Type: Streaming Video

Breakthrough Kaizen Events

This Breakthrough Kaizen Events program shows an actual kaizen event at the Lantech Corp. where a total of more than 100 improvements were completed. Several new devices are demonstrated so the viewer can understand how the changes improved the process. See how they use a kaizen newspaper to keep everyone informed of any changes that are being made.

Product Type: Streaming Video

Supply Chain Management

This program is an introduction to supply chain management. It shows how information technology is used to gather real-time data to provide meaningful management information for maintaining supplier-customer relationships.

Product Type: Streaming Video

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