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Journals Committee


  • John Roth

Committee Members

  • Manish Mehta, PhD, LSME
  • Hong-Chou Zhang, PhD, FSME
  • Neil Duffie, PhD, FSME, Editor, "Journal of Manufacturing Systems"
  • Shiv Kapoor, PhD, FSME, Editor, "Journal of Manufacturing Processes"
  • Kornel Ehmann, PhD, FSME, Editor, "Manufacturing Letters" Journal


  • Winston Erevelles, PhD, St. Mary's University

Staff Liaisons

  • Suzy Marzano
  • Dave O’Neil

Annual Agenda

  1. Promote activity and stimulate publishing of manufacturing engineering research into SME journals. Create a strategy to increase visibility of SME journals, specifically the journal of "Manufacturing Letters" and assess the progression of submissions on an ongoing basis.
  2. Develop governance and operating procedures document for SME journals.  This document will address committee orientation and responsibilities, journals and papers oversight, measures of success, editorial appointments, communication with editors and SME and projects such as awards and new journals.
  3. Review of best practices of editorial review models for the SME journals, to enhance paper submission process and create new publishing opportunities for SME content to include special issues such as smart manufacturing.
  4. Explore how a cascading peer review system could be used to enhance existing paper collections and develop new publishing opportunities for content submitted to SME, such as special issues, possibly including a smart manufacturing issue.
  5. Assist the editors, editorial boards and staff, through professional networking across the breadth of manufacturing and within SME communities, in promoting SME’s journals, soliciting manuscripts and special issues, and ensuring high standards of integrity, quality and timeliness.
  6. Continue holding an annual in-person SME Journals Committee and editorial board meetings at SME's North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC).