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SME Chapters in California

An (*) next to the name of the chapter listing indicates previous year information. For those chapters not showing a chapter chair, please contact SME Customer Care at or 800.733.4763.


North Bay Chapter 431
Bill Oakes
707.823.0847(B) | Email

Sacramento Valley Chapter 145
Jeffrey Briggs
916.316.8100 (H) | Email
Silver Medal

San Diego Chapter 44
David Sulli

Silicon Valley Chapter 98
Kyle Macleod
408.899.3935 (B) | Email
Silver Medal
South Bay Area Chapter 153
Don McKinzie
714.625.2893 (B) | Email  
 Platinum Seal

South LA/Orange County Chapter 233
Gary Pangelina
805.388.2830 (H) | Email 
Gold Medal
Ventura County Chapter 27
George Bullen
805.205.5350 | Email  
Silver Medal  





California Polytechnic State University S012
(Sponsor: Ventura County Chapter 27)
Trian Georgeou
602.323.6191 (C) | Email

California State University, Chico S139
(Sponsor: Sacramento Chapter 145)
Scott Brogden
530.872.9479 (B) | Email

California State University, Fullerton S282
(Sponsor: Los Angeles Orange County Chapter 233)
Sagil James, PhD
657.278.3337 (B) | Email

California State University, Northridge S327
(Sponsor: North Los Angeles Ventura County Chapter 173)
Bingbing Li, PhD
818.677.6229 (B) | Email  

California State University, Sacramento S211
(Sponsor: Sacramento Chapter 145)
Akihiko Kumagai, PhD
916.278.5838 (B) | Email  

San Jose State University S192 
(Sponsor: Silicon Valley Chapter 98)
Doug Muntz, PhD
408.410.5449  (B) | Email

University of California-Davis U231
(Sponsor: Sacramento Valley Chapter 145)
Barbara Linke, PhD
510.717.9585 (B) | Email